Beginners Guide for Golf Betting

If you want to be good at golf betting and actually win some real money from it, you need to take advantage of everything that is given to you, and keep on learning. However, even this is easier said-than-done. This is why, we have a beginners guide for golf betting that you’ll find really helpful. Knowing the things we can tell you below and following the tips to avoid beginner errors, you’ll start making big money from gold betting. First things, first. You need a good reliable site to do your wagering business on. We highlighted this site as a very viable option nowadays. They provide information about the best French casino sites that are new and upcoming, and when they are you are probably getting really good bonuses.

Choose Good Online Sports Casino

Finding a nice betting platform like a good legal online casino is the key to making money. There are many different legal online casinos with an abundance of different features, but you need to keep an eye on a few ones: First, make sure that the casino you are betting on has a legal certificate and that it operates within the law. Second, make sure that the online betting casino has a nice set of casino bonuses. Online casinos offer an abundance of casino bonuses, and simply seek the ones you find helpful. You can choose one that suits you the most from - site for the best casino bonuses. You should always look for the most reliable and popular casinos on the internet. Last, make sure that the casino has an abundance of games and sports that can bring you money. The best casinos invest a lot of money in their game variety.

Top 5 Online Sport Casinos

With the things we mentioned above, and other casino features, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best casino sites that you can rely on:


Probably the best casino for sports and golf betting!


With an incredible deposit casino bonus, the 888Casino associated sports betting site is a great one for making money.


If you want an abundance of sports choices to bet on, including golf betting, this is the site for you.

William Hill

With a great deposit bonus of $30 or free bets, the William Hill is one of the most reputable ones.

Club World

Offering generous no deposit bonus, is the perfect place for new players who want to try their favorite games for free without risking own money.

Paddy Power

If you seek fast-payout times in a user friendly sports betting casino, this is the one for you.

Get Familiar with the Odds

There are different types of odds that sport betting casinos can give to you, and in order to be able to calculate how much money you’ll win, you need to understand the difference between decimal and fractional odds. In fractional odds, the numbers are separated with a slash and on a 10/1 odd, you bet $1 to win 10$. In decimal odds on the other hand, if the odd is 1.82, if you bet $100 your potential return on your bet would be $182, total.

Types of Bets

Just like in other sports, there are different types of bets you can make - Betting on the winner, betting on the 1-st round winner, head-to-head bets, 6-shooter bet, 3-ball bet and other combinations of bets.

Live Betting

Live betting is a safe play, as the odds are regularly updated and you can easily predict the outcome. A more important thing than learning how to place bets on golf or any other sport is to find a reliable and licensed online sports betting site. Visit and find everything you should pay attention to before choosing one.

Research the History and the Form of Golfers

The more knowledge you have on the golfers and their history, the more accurately you’ll be able to predict the outcome of the match and be profitable from golf betting.

Have a System

A betting system is probably one of the best tips you can possibly get about being successful at online golf betting. This prevents you from going over your budget and losing a lot of money.

Record History

If you keep a journal of your failures and winnings, you can easily learn from your mistakes.

Clear the Bonuses

Online casinos offer a lot of casino bonuses, and clearing the bonuses and meeting the wagering requirements can bring you a lot more money than you planned.

How to Avoid Beginner Errors?

Many beginners make mistakes, and these mistakes can be easily avoided by following a few rules. First, don’t chase losses, as these are never a good option. Second, never do golf betting with more money than you have to lose, which is where having a betting system comes in handy. Lastly, don’t focus on the favorites, simply try to be rational and use all the information you have at your disposal.